TJ's September 2018 Newsletter

Hello TJ's Family & Friends,

Thorsby Band (Michael & Sara Thorsby) -
Our third studio album (Weapons of Warfare) has been out for over a month!
We've been quite encouraged by the feedback we've received and look forward to distributing many more copies in the coming months! Some of you on our physical mailing list got a free digital download code/sticker in the mail and many haven't redeemed those yet. It's FREE!!! If you're old school (like me) and prefer a physical copy, you can order that below and give your digital code away to someone else! You can even keep the sticker and just give away the code! Just sayin'!!!

There are extra benefits to getting a physical copy versus just a digital copy. You obviously have a physical disc (with artwork) but you can also rip that to your computer as a higher quality digital .wav file (or lower quality .mp3, .mp4...etc.) and essentially get multiple higher quality copies for the price of one. You also get both the front album cover art AND the back album cover art which lists all the songs, musicians, website...etc. Either way... we would love it if you could support us by getting a copy and helping to spread the word!

Go to the Weapons of Warfare page for more album info and TJ's Store to see multiple digital or physical options for buying our album and/or supporting us!

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Sep 27th-29th - ATD Tent America (Raleigh, NC) - Please mark your calendars and make every effort to engage with this. In 2017 we gathered 50+ tents representing every state on the National Mall in DC, with thousands of people lifting up an incense of praise throughout the extended weekend. In 2018, we're raising a tent in the capital of every state (and some campuses) for three days of continuous worship, prayer and outreach. We strongly encourage our community/region to engage! Whether you show up for a few hours or a few days, your voices/prayers matter.
The Thorsby Band will be leading on Friday (28th) from 9-11pm...
Guest musicians:
Michael Thorsby (acoustic guitar/vocals)
Sara Thorsby (flute/harmonica/vocals)
Derrick Stalnaker (electric guitar)
Jordan Lane (drums)
Caleb Brumbaugh (bass)

Fiery Remnant Ministries has officially been launched and is now hosting Burn 24-7 New Bern, Craven24Seven, community group(s) and other ministry branches previously hosted by TJ's. Fiery Remnant can now receive tax-deductible donations to help pursue the mission(s). Will you consider DONATING to FR?

You're awesome!

Michael Thorsby

Upcoming Events TJ's Branches Are Hosting, Attending, Leading or Supporting:
Sundays - (6pm-8pm) Fiery Remnant Community Group (New Bern, NC)
Sep 27th-29th - ATD Tent America (Raleigh, NC)
Oct 27th - (9am-9pm) Burn 24-7 New Bern (New Bern, NC)
Nov 24th - (9am-9pm) Burn 24-7 New Bern (New Bern, NC)
Dec 22nd - (9am-9pm) Burn 24-7 New Bern (New Bern, NC)
*See full event schedules at respective sites since times/venues may change!

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