The Mission:

How Do We Plan To Do It?

Music –  The Thorsby Band wants to personally write, perform, record and distribute worship music but we also love to listen to and perform various other types of music for entertainment purposes. We want to utilize the platform we’ve been given to incorporate guest musicians in some venue performances and promote other local artists (at our discretion). We want family-friendly musical entertainment (Christian and secular) to be a main focal point of TJ’s CAVE.

Various Artistic Expressions – We want to open up opportunities for creativity to play a role in our culture through dance, art, music, writing/poetry, drama, photography, videography, culinary arts... etc. We want to offer various types of training while also giving opportunities for exposure during live events.

Community – We desire to build a community of artists of all expression types and experience levels, where people can network, learn from each other, encourage each other, and have a place to demonstrate/display their artistic expressions… a place where they can feel at home among their fellow creatives! (See TJ’s CAVE for more details…)

We are establishing the venue portion of the mission in cumulative phases:

(Phase I) – Network among artists in our community, promote local bands and musicians, and support other businesses that encourage the creative arts. (Always in action!)

(Phase II) – Establish a physical location (small venue 20-40) for in-house acoustic sets, fellowship/community, and a crafting/practice facility for Thorsby. (Used The Hobbit House for a season)

(Phase III) – Develop a larger physical location (medium venue 100-200) to accommodate full bands and live concerts while also incorporating other expressions of art. (Established TJ’s CAVE in Havelock, NC as a sampler for a season with future vision for a similar/expanded venue in New Bern, NC)

(Phase IV) – Ultimately we desire to develop a much larger physical location (large venue 500-1000). We want to create facility with an atmosphere similar to the House of Blues. This venue will be utilized to give local bands and artists exposure in the community and will also host mainstream concerts. We envision multiple eclectic businesses (restaurants, retailers, coffee shop, services…etc.) in the same facility leasing space and operating individually, but remaining unified by the vision of the concert venue.