TJ's Café
New TJ's Location Coming Soon...

Serving authentic Café Azotea Guatemalan Coffee
Loose leaf teas, snacks, drinks, art and other merchandise available
Mon - Sat 6am-9am
Fri & Sat 6pm-9pm
(Fri & Sat nights may be ticketed events)


Many snacks and drinks for $1 (tax included) plus specialty drinks!
1lb bags of Medium or Dark Roast Whole Beans are available to brew at home!

All of our specialty coffees are freshly made with a french press instead of standard brewing methods. Quality takes time so it may take a few extra minutes for your masterpiece!

We order our beans direct from the farm and they are roasted, packed and sealed hours before being shipped to us. Freshness is important to us so you won't be getting beans that have been sitting in a warehouse for extended amounts of time!

Menu Board (subject to change):