How can YOU support the vision?

Sponsors - We're looking for sponsors that are willing to support TJ's:

1) - Monthly Recurring Sponsors
Are you willing to invest $25, $50, $100, $500, $1,000 per month to support this vision?
2) - One-Time Sponsors
Give when you've got it! We have bills to pay NOW and your sponsorship can help us prepare for future needs.

Perks - All sponsor donations will be cumulative throughout the calendar year and once you reach various sponsorship levels, you'll receive the advertising benefits until the year ends!!!

$2,500+ Diamond - Gold Benefits + LARGE logo/link on TJ's website (Sponsors Main Tab)
+ Upgrade to: (5) TJ's-provided Lawn Signs (18"Hx24"W) displayed at TJ's CAVE
$1,000+ Platinum - Gold Benefits + Medium logo/link on TJ's website (Sponsors Main Tab)
+ Upgrade to: (2) TJ's-provided Lawn Signs (18"Hx24"W) displayed at TJ's CAVE
$500+ Gold - Silver Benefits + Small logo/link on TJ's website (Sponsors Main Tab)
+ (1) TJ's-provided Lawn Sign (18"Hx24"W) displayed at TJ's CAVE
$250+ Silver - Bronze Benefits + your website link on TJ's website (2018 Sponsors Tab)
+ your website link on the SPONSORS display at TJ's CAVE (all sponsors displayed on one 8.5"x11" poster)
$100+ Bronze - Name or Business listed on TJ's website (2018 Sponsors Tab)
+ your website link on the SPONSORS display at TJ's CAVE (all sponsors displayed on one 8.5"x11" poster)

Sponsorship Options

Note - Items in italics are not available until we raise enough money to open the next venue location in New Bern. At that time, those listed on the Sponsors Main Tab will be added to TJ's CAVE Main Tab for additional advertising exposure!

We also offer sponsor credit with service trades. For example: If your company is catering $100 worth of food for a band/event, offering $250 discount on services to us, giving us $500 worth of your brand of whatever to use at our venue, donating $1000 worth of venue needs…etc... you will get the same amount in sponsorship credit.

You can also simply click the "donate" button to give online and set up a recurring donation or mail a check. Our goal is to cover our existing expenses and overhead to keep the lights on while expanding on the vision as resources allow... maybe even eventually be able to pay some of the artists their full worth!!!

Send all direct monetary donations to:
Thorsby Jams
7180 US HWY 70 E
New Bern, NC 28560
(Make checks out to TJ's)

All donations will be used at the discretion of TJ's.

*Note* - If you would like to become a monthly partner, please mail the attached form OR email to communicate your intended amount and pledged time frame for our logistics/planning purposes. If you prefer to be an anonymous monthly or one-time donor, please communicate that as well.

Download Sponsor Form > 2018_TJs_Sponsorship.pdf