TJ's June 2017 Newsletter

Hello TJ's Family & Friends,

My beautiful and anointed wife Sara wrote the below notes for her own motivation and I thought it was worth sharing...

Exercise is not just for the purpose of being physically strong, looking good, or releasing "happy chemicals" in our brains. Our spiritual purpose for exercise is to:
1. Be prepared for physical attacks from the enemy. (i.e. health issues, accidents, etc.) We strengthen our bodies to withstand these attacks and emerge victorious. The stronger we are on the front end, the less ground we will have to make up if something did happen.
2. Protect our minds from attacks from the enemy. When we are confident in who we are in Christ, and confident in the condition of the temple He has given us, the flaming arrows of inadequacy and insecurity are null and void.
3. Discipline: Training our minds to persevere through physical challenges looks and feels very similar to training our hearts to persevere through spiritual challenges. When it gets hard, we don't quit. When we feel like what we're doing isn't making a difference, we rebuke that lie and stay the course.
4. Health: God designed our bodies, and He wants us to walk in Divine health. However, like the parable of the talents, He expects us to steward our bodies well so that we can receive a good return for our efforts. When we cultivate our "earth suit" well, we can expect freedom from diseases and comorbidities that would hinder us from a) doing the work of God and b) enjoying the time He has given us on this Earth.

There aren’t too many times where I’ve regretted exercising but there have been many times where I regretted missing the opportunity. Sometimes you don't realize what you've got until it's gone. I was in a head-on vehicle collision with a drunk driver over ten years ago and multiple doctors said I wouldn't run again. I could barely walk for a while. The Lord had different plans and after a tough season of physical therapy and healing by His grace, I was running again! Then a few years ago I had a herniated disc issue that kept me from a lot of things... especially running. The Lord has blessed me with a measure of healing over that without medical intervention and I'm back to running. It's during those times of struggle that we are more appreciative of what we've got... especially our physical health. Let's not wait until we're broken to realize the blessings we have now. Let's maximize our stewardship and watch the blessings overflow!!!

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