Thorsby Jams, LLC

What Is Thorsby Jams (TJ's)?  It is a business in form and a ministry in function!

The Purpose:

(Short Version) - To see God glorified through musical worship and creative arts while reaching the lost and strengthening the saints.

(Long Version) - God has called us to facilitate worship in Eastern NC and to gather the remnant of worshipers in the areas surrounding New Bern, NC. We will build a concert venue where bands and artists can creatively glorify God. The venue will serve as a training ground and a haven for worship symbolizing unity in our community. We desire the remnant to rise up as spirit-filled worshipers who will breed purity, service, unity, honesty and change in our community.

We plan to establish this vision in cumulative phases:

(Phase I) – Passionately pursue: discipleship, relational ministry and service in the local communities, unity among believers, promotion of local bands and ministries as we feel led and calling on the current and future generations to rise above the status quo! (Always In Action)

(Phase II) – Establish a physical location (small venue 20-40) for in-house acoustic sets, ministry, fellowship and to act as a practice facility for Thorsby. (Used The Hobbit House for a season)

(Phase III) – Establish another physical location (medium venue 100-200) to accommodate full bands and live concerts while also incorporating other expressions of art. (Established TJ's CAVE in Havelock, NC as a sampler with future vision for a similar venue in New Bern, NC)

(Phase IV) – Ultimately we desire to develop a much larger physical location (large venue 500-1000). We want to create an atmosphere similar to the House of Blues. This venue will be utilized to give local bands and artists exposure in the community and will also host mainstream concerts. We envision multiple businesses (restaurants, retailers, coffee shop, services…etc) in the same facility leasing space and operating individually but remaining corporately unified by the vision of the concert venue.

How Do We Plan To Do It?

The Music – We want to personally write, perform, record and distribute music that will touch the heart of God. We also want to utilize the platform we’ve been given to incorporate guest musicians in some venue performances and promote other local artists and their ministries (at our discretion).The musical division of Thorsby Jams is Thorsby.

The Arts – We want to open up opportunities for creativity to play a role in worship through dance, art, music, video, drama, photography, videography... etc.

The Community – To encourage regular involvement in the community ranging from personal sphere of influence and the workplace (marketplace ministry) to local and foreign missions, along with occasional group gatherings and events. The arts/community division of Thorsby Jams is TJ's CAVE.

Is This A Church?

NO... but technically we (the saints) are the church regardless of any particular building! Thorsby Jams is primarily focused on being a resource center and training ground for equipping the saints to bring a fresh anointing back to their local ministry expressions.