General Information

-TJ’s CAVE is part of a 3000 square foot facility known as The Oasis.
177 person capacity (100 max tickets suggested for main venue events)
TJ’s STORE is 100 square feet of merch awesomeness (including munchies)
-TJ's CAFE is a coffee/tea bar with other beverages and snacks
-Photography & video are allowed on premises and TJ’s CAVE reserves the right to use for advertising purposes.
You’re awesome!!!

Technical Production Specifications

Tech Specs – Short Version

-Drums – Bring your own sticks, snare & cymbals (limited exceptions like Burns)
-Acoustic Guitars – Bring your own guitar. Boss TU3 tuner/DI Box available.
-Electric Guitars – Bring your own gear (amp, pedals, guitar...etc).
Plug amps direct via XLR, use SM57 to mic amp or plug direct to DI box.
-Keys – Bring your own keyboard/stand or use TJ’s gear. Plug to DI Box.
-Bass – Bring your own guitar & amp or use TJ’s amp. TU2 tuner available.
Plug amps direct via XLR, use SM57 to mic amp or plug direct to DI box.
-Percussion – Bring your own gear. SM57 to mic available if needed.
-Stations with foot pedal tuners (Boss TU3/TU2), press pedal to mute/plug/unplug/tune (when lights are flashing, you’re muted) 

Equipment Available

-Bass Amp – Peavey Mark VI Amp Head and Rack (2-10” cab, 1-15” cab)
-Tuner - (2) Boss TU3 Foot Pedal (acoustic stations)
-Tuner – (1) Boss TU2 Foot Pedal (bass station)
-Keys – Yamaha P250 full-scale 88 weighted key
-Mics – (4)SM58, (2)SM57 plus boom stands
-Drums – Pearl Forum -5piece, Evans Heads, Sabian Cymbals (5+HH)
-DI Boxes (6) plus XLR and 1/4” cables as needed 

Tech Specs – Long Version 

Load In & Parking


Sound Booth

On Stage

Mics & DI Boxes

Stage Details

Lighting Details

(8) Venue ThinPar64 LED Par Lights with Chauvet DMX Controller (Obey 40)
No Other Special Lighting At This Time… (feel free to donate!)

Drum Gear


Printable PDF version - 2016-6-15_TJs_CAVE_Tech_Specs.pdf