Sara and I wrote a song with a tag that is stuck on repeat in my head quite often.  It says, “You gave it all for me, so we can be together…You and I as one, now and forever.”  I think about that lyric and reflect upon the scriptures as it describes the life and death of Jesus Christ and how He gave His life for me.  God gave His son Jesus Christ as a perfect and living sacrifice to bridge the gap between us.  He sent His Holy Spirit to intercede for us and to help us live life to the fullest and to prepare us for an eternity with Christ.

That seems a bit crazy sometimes but it’s true.  People can argue theology all they want but nobody can take away the experiences and testimony that I have in my personal relationship with Christ.  God has moved in my life in tremendous ways and filled the voids in my heart beyond measure.  I have no doubt that Christ lives in me and through me and I look forward to an eternity praising my Creator.

Some people get so focused on the eternity part that they forget about the now part.  God wants to use us now.  God wants to fill us now.  God wants to minister through us now.  God wants relationship with us now.  God wants to heal us now.  We’ve all spent so much time investing into things of this world but we often put off depth in our relationship with God.  This is an investment that shouldn’t be neglected.  Non-believers do the same thing as they don’t invest much time and effort into whatever it is (or isn’t) that they believe in.  If you’re going to base your life on something, invest the time and energy to gain depth and proper perspective on it so you can be effective in sharing with others.  This isn’t a one-time task… it’s a lifetime investment.

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