TJ's May 2016 Newsletter

Hello TJ's Family & Friends,

This has been an exciting whirlwind season for us with all branches of TJ's. It's been quite expensive and exhausting but also quite fruitful! There have been valley and mountaintop experiences along this journey but sometimes you just never know what the possibilities are unless you're willing to take risks. Speaking of risks... we've decided to launch yet another branch of TJ's called TJ's Cafe to help compliment our desire for commUNITY at TJ's CAVE. Here are a few updates on our branches:
TJ's CAVE (Facebook): We're generating a bit more momentum and starting to get SPONSORS to help support the vision! We've got some cool stuff on the schedule like Hugh Taylor, Creative Arts EXPO, Decyfer Down... and more! If you're interested in booking your band or event with us, let us know. We're hoping the addition of TJ's Cafe will help bring more traffic through the venue as well as help offset some of the expenses associated. We've been doing a bit of spring cleaning as we will continue to see the venue transform as finances allow!
Thorsby Band/Ministry (Facebook): We're still traveling as the Lord leads and preparing our hearts for what sounds the Lord wants us to release on our next album. We've led multiple sets at Burn New Bern, TJ's CAVE, GroundBreakers (Azusa East Awakening), traveled to Burn Greenville and much more. We'll be leading under the Jesus Tent with Ignite Dunn (Azusa East Awakening) next week and look forward to where the Lord is launching us individually and corporately!
Burn New Bern (Facebook): April was one of the least attended but one of the most intimate and powerful Burns we've had. The venue had been saturated in prayer the week prior as part of a 40 day prayer and fasting event and the leaders came prepared and expectant! The May Burn will be the finale for the 40 day event so the venue will have been saturated for 40 days!!! We are calling for ALL HANDS to GO FOR IT and stay ALL night if possible. We'll be doing a BreakFast at 6am with whoever is there to end the prayer and fasting event. I'm certainly looking forward to what the Lord wants to release that night!
Craven24Seven (Facebook): We're getting a bit of momentum with the 40 Days of Corporate Prayer & Fasting event and we would love for YOU to participate on some level as the Lord leads. We have a Prayer Room open at TJ's CAVE from 6am-6pm every day from April 18th-May 27th. Feel free to drop in at the Prayer Room whenever you feel led and spend some time soaking in His presence. There's just something about getting away from the crowds, getting away from the distractions and just spending quality time with the Lord. If you can't literally make it to the Prayer Room, you can still jump in with us. Just let us know you're "going" on the facebook event and sign up at C247 if you're doing a one hour slot or more! I'm filled with hope every time another hour of prayer watch is covered. That means we are one hour closer to 24/7 coverage in our area. Would you be willing to make the commitment to pray for one hour per day, per week or per month and sign up on our calendar to let us know? It only takes a spark...

TJ's Cafe (Facebook): We're excited to announce that we're taking the next step of our vision by adding a coffee shop starting June 1, 2016. There will be a few basic drinks and prepackaged snacks to start with and we will expand as resources allow. We will be serving Cafe Azotea Guatemalan coffee which far surpasses others in our surrounding areas. We would rather offer a few choices that are GREAT than a lot of choices that are status quo! You deserve better! Come visit us and feel free to hang out for a time of community!

We are in the process of raising support to sustain the branches of TJ's. If you feel led to sow prayerfully, financially, voluntarily or whatever else you can think of that ends in "ly", please let us know. We welcome, encourage and appreciate your support!
Hebrews 12:1 "Help us to run with patience the race that is set before us..."
Michael Thorsby

Upcoming TJ's Family Events:
Every Fri & Sat - commUNITY @ TJ's CAVE (6-9pm) - open to the public
Apr 18th-May 28th - 40 Days of Corporate Prayer & Fasting @ TJ's CAVE
May 20th - Steve & Ana McDaniel (Guatemala Missions) @ TJ's CAVE (7pm)
May 21st - Thorsby @ TJ's CAVE (7pm)
May 24th - Thorsby @ Ignite Dunn (Azusa East Awakening) @ 4pm
May 27th - commUNITY(6-7pm)/Burn New Bern (7pm-7am) @ TJ's CAVE
Jun 1st - TJ's Cafe opens Mon-Sat (6am-9am), Fri & Sat (6pm-9pm)
Jun 1st - TJ's CAVE Prayer Room opens Mon-Sat (6am-9am)
Jun 3rd - Hugh Taylor @ TJ's CAVE (7pm)
Jun 4th - Creative Arts Expo @ TJ's CAVE (10am-2pm)
Jun 4th - Decyfer Down @ TJ's CAVE (7pm)
Jun 11th - Thorsby @ TJ's CAVE (7pm)
Jun 20th - preBurn @ The Hobbit House (6-8pm)
Jun 24th - commUNITY(6-7pm)/Burn New Bern (7pm-7am) @ TJ's CAVE

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