TJ's March 2016 Newsletter

Hello TJ's Friends & Family,

WELCOME TO SPRING! This is a unique time of year where we are surrounded by the beauty of new life springing up after a season of cold, gray "hibernation". Here at TJ's we're ready to release some fresh creativity too!

Since TJ's is a business that's structured like a tree, let's check out what's blooming out of its branches:
TJ's CAVE (Facebook):  We have a place where YOU can showcase YOUR talents. It will help us gain momentum if we have musicians and artists start signing up!
Are you in a band & want a place where you can jam out for your fans? We've got you covered. Are you an artist looking for a place to have a show? We've got plenty of space! Do you desire to give classes on your brand of artsyness? We have tables & chairs... or we can open up the floorspace... or use the projector screen! If nothing else, we have SNACKS! :) Click this link for more information about booking your event at TJ's CAVE!
Thorsby Band/Ministry (Facebook): God is stirring up amazing things here in Eastern NC as well as around the world, and we're excited to be a part of it all! We're in a season of mobilizing our efforts to 'reach the lost and strengthen the saints' as Michael prepares to travel to L.A. in April for The Call Azusa. Additionally, we have new music stirring... a brand spankin' new album project has been burning on our hearts for some time now. We're not sure how all the pieces are going to fall into place, but we're confident that God's going to arrange things perfectly! We unabashedly ask for your support in this -- prayerfully and financially -- because we humbly realize that we can't do what we do without your support!
Burn New Bern (Facebook): At this past month's Burn I remember thinking to myself, "This is what people in history did right before revival came." Guys, this is BEYOND EXCITING! Multiple churches and ministries are collaborating throughout a 12-hour period each month for the singular purpose of WORSHIPPING JESUS. No accolades. No tip jars. No crowd-surfing. Just creating an atmosphere where God is welcome to show up and do whatever He wants to do! People's lives, hearts, and bodies are being healed... we are putting aside the busyness and focusing on Jesus... we are working together in unity... we are honing our giftings and talents... and we are preparing the atmosphere for more amazing "GOD THINGS" to happen!
Craven24Seven (Facebook): If you've ever thought to yourself... "I'm praying for our region... I wonder if anyone else is praying too."   ...or... "I want to pray for our region but I'm not sure where to start!"  ...or... "I wonder what it would look like if our whole region was involved in 24/7 prayer!" ...then YOU'VE GOT TO CHECK OUT CRAVEN24SEVEN!! This calendar tool is multi-functional: it's an encouragement to see people committing to pray, and it's a snapshot of the prayer and worship movement in our region. When we realize that we can partner with God to make things happen on earth, it stirs up a fresh excitement in our prayer time! So get EXCITED and get SIGNED UP!

The ministry "branches" mentioned above are all connected into the "trunk" of our tree: TJ's. Our heart's desire is to pour into these branches with excellence so that they are at maximum productivity and fruitfulness! WE NEED THE HELP OF SPONSORS who are willing to donate so we can feed these branches. We are trying to raise $30,000 asap to cover existing expenses and raise regular support for sustainment and future growth!

"A man's mind plans his way as he journeys through life, but the LORD directs his steps and establishes them." Proverbs 16:9 We're on an amazing journey and we invite you to come with us!
Sara Thorsby

Upcoming TJ's Family Events:
Every Fri & Sat - commUNITY @ TJ's CAVE (6-9pm) FREE - open to the public
Mar 25th - commUNITY(6-7pm)/Burn New Bern (7pm-7am) @ TJ's CAVE
Apr 9th - Azusa Now - United gathering
Apr 16th - Thorsby @ TJ's CAVE (7pm)
Apr 18th - preBurn @ The Hobbit House (6-8pm)
Apr 22nd - commUNITY(6-7pm)/Burn New Bern (7pm-7am) @ TJ's CAVE
May 7th - Creative Arts Expo @ TJ's CAVE (10am-2pm)
May 14th - Thorsby @ TJ's CAVE (7pm)
May 16th - preBurn @ The Hobbit House (6-8pm)
May 27th - commUNITY(6-7pm)/Burn New Bern (7pm-7am) @ TJ's CAVE
Jun 11th - Thorsby @ TJ's CAVE (7pm)
Jun 20th - preBurn @ The Hobbit House (6-8pm)
Jun 24th - commUNITY(6-7pm)/Burn New Bern (7pm-7am) @ TJ's CAVE

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