TJ's June 2016 Newsletter

Hello TJ's Family & Friends,

Here we grow again! TJ's is taking a lot of risks in this season that makes me uncomfortable on many levels (especially financially) but you never know what fruit may come from stepping out of our comfort zones. I haven't been in my "comfort zone" in so long that I'm not really sure where it is! Pioneering generally involves a lot of investment (time, talents & treasures) that others aren't willing to pursue but you'll quickly find that when others join in to support the adventure, it is most certainly appreciated as the vision unfolds....

Here are a few updates on our branches:
TJ's Cafe (Facebook): We have officially launched a Cafe!!! We serve authentic Guatemalan coffee that is freshly roasted, packed and shipped directly from the farm! We grind the coffee beans on-site and use a French press method to maximize taste and freshness! Our methods may take a little longer but it's worth the wait! We offer 1lb bags of whole bean coffee in dark roast and medium roast options for your brewing pleasures. We also offer an assortment of loose leaf teas and other snacks and drinks. We hope to generate a commUNITY atmosphere that encourages people to come hang out for a bit. We also have a Prayer Room open from 6am-9am to soak in worship, pray, study or whatever you feel led to do to start your mornings off right!

TJ's CAVE (Facebook): We had a lot of traffic flowing through to get the month started and hope to keep the momentum going. If you're interested in booking your band or event with us, let us know. We're hoping the addition of TJ's Cafe will help bring more traffic through the venue as well as help offset some of the expenses associated. We're slowly upgrading the venue as finances allow and could really use some SPONSORS to help support the vision! If you (or your business) become a sponsor, buy a few cups of coffee, donate or buy other merch, it helps us grow one step closer to building and sustaining a family-friendly location for commUNITY!

TJ's Store (Facebook): We're slowly building an inventory of unique items that are made with artistic skills from local artisans. The goal is to offer items that aren't able to be acquired at any other store.
Thorsby Band/Ministry (Facebook): What a privilege it is to be able to minister through unique tools and opportunities. My wife (Sara) is an Oncology Nurse and I am a Logistics Manager/Systems Analyst for Harrier airplanes. These jobs have allowed us to have unique marketplace ministry opportunities as well as bringing home the bacon so we can afford to sustain the full-time ministry we do outside of our regular jobs. Our family is a ministry in itself and we're excited to announce that we'll be expanding the Thorsby household with the addition of a third baby!!! We've been hosting Monday night community group meeting in our home and serving our community through the many branches of TJ's. We're still traveling quite a bit and we'll eventually get back in the studio to release a new album once finances allow.
Burn New Bern (Facebook): TJ's has been the primary financial supporter of BNB since its inception. The first year we traveled to various venues around Craven County and surrounding areas, the second year we landed in a neutral location (TJ's CAVE) and now the time has come to shift to a new season. June will be the last regularly scheduled Burn at TJ's CAVE and we will be doing a mixture of venues for the upcoming season! We're excited about this transition but also praying for continued clarity as we steward what the Lord has entrusted to us!
Craven24Seven (Facebook): We need YOU to participate with us to fulfill the vision of covering Eastern NC in 24-7 prayer! Would you be willing to sign up for a one hour time slot? Daily? Weekly? Monthly??? We'll take what we can get. In conjuction with TJ's Cafe launching, we felt led to offer up our conference room as a Prayer Room from 6am-9am Mon-Sat so our community has a secret place away from home. We welcome you to come spend a bit of time there!

We are in the process of raising support to sustain the branches of TJ's. If you feel led to sow prayerfully, financially, voluntarily or whatever else you can think of that ends in "ly", please let us know. We welcome, encourage and appreciate your support!
Hebrews 12:1 "Help us to run with patience the race that is set before us..."
Michael Thorsby

Upcoming TJ's Family Events:
Every Mon-Sat - TJ's Cafe (6am-9am) - open to the public
Every Fri & Sat - TJ's CAVE (6pm-9pm) - open to the public
(Any applicable tickets/details are noted in events on Facebook)
Jun 3rd - Hugh Taylor @ TJ's CAVE (7pm) - doors open at 6pm
Jun 4th - Creative Arts Expo @ TJ's CAVE (10am-2pm)
Jun 4th - Decyfer Down @ TJ's CAVE (7pm) - doors open at 6pm
Jun 11th - Thorsby @ TJ's CAVE (7pm) - doors open at 6pm
Jun 17th - Namon Mason @ TJ's CAVE (7pm) - doors open at 6pm
Jun 20th - preBurn @ The Hobbit House (6-8pm)
Jun 24th - Burn New Bern (7pm-7am) @ TJ's CAVE - doors open at 6pm
Jun 25th - Creative Arts Expo & Open Mic Night @ TJ's CAVE (6pm-9pm)
Jul 2nd - DJ MOTUS (70's Dance Party) @ TJ's CAVE (6pm-9pm)
Jul 23rd - Creative Arts Expo & Open Mic Night @ TJ's CAVE (6pm-9pm)

Coming soon...jazz band, rap band & other events added often! Stay tuned...

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