TJ's CAVE August Newsletter

We are excited to announce that we are moving into the next phase of Thorsby Jams, LLC (TJ’s) as part of our extended vision for this company.  TJ’s is a business in form and a ministry in function.

We have been working through logistics since July 2015 and will be officially launching a Creative Arts VenuE (CAVE) starting in September 2015.  We will be partnering with The Oasis in Havelock, NC as one of their tenants two days a week (Fridays & Saturdays).  There will be evening sessions open to the public and a variety of events (public and private) scheduled during the day.  We anticipate hosting family-friendly live bands (both secular and sacred) as often as possible for the evening sessions as well as incorporating various expressions of art.  If nothing is scheduled, we’ll still be open for a time of commUNITY to hang out in a relaxing atmosphere.

See sample schedule below (see for official schedule):
9am-5pm – Open for scheduling. (We will eventually be renting out space in 1-hour blocks for public or private usage relating to the arts (dance, photography, videography, music lessons, band practices, seminars, workshops, art classes/education, performing arts, culinary arts, house of prayer …etc).  This will be combination of ministry and business with various expressions.)
5-6pm – Sound Check/Prep (Not open to public)
6-7pm – Doors open to the public – Bring Your Own Grub (BYOG) – we will most likely offer non-alcoholic drinks and some prepackaged stuff until the café is staffed and operational.
7-9pm - Open to the public with live bands starting at 7:00 (when applicable)

6-9pm – TJ’s CAVE store will be open with random art, albums, shirts, jewelry, …etc.

*If you are interested in booking your band to jam at TJ’s CAVE or booking a time slot(s) during the day for a public or private event, please email  This will be a casual environment.

TJ’s will begin to shift the website towards a more neutral host of the various branches that are supported (TJ’s CAVE, Thorsby Band, Burn New Bern, Craven24Seven, …etc).  Please be patient as we transition and update the website information accordingly. (main hub… will have separate tabs for various branches along with FB pages to stay engaged) (NEW)

We can almost guarantee that our creative arts expressions won’t fulfill everyone’s personal preferences or approval but we are confident that we will facilitate and orchestrate this next season as the Lord leads us.  We have a million things that we would “like” to do but will be working with a limited budget and working to keep the facility somewhat neutral for other tenants' usage.  If you feel led to donate towards this adventure, please see for merch purchases or donation options!  We’re excited to be on this adventure and we look forward to engaging with our commUNITY.

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