Somewhere along the lines many Christians have become accustomed to spoon-fed worship.  They show up unprepared and their level of expectancy isn’t very high.  Our Western culture church atmosphere has trained people to come together unprepared for corporate worship at traditional Sunday services and it often produces a status quo atmosphere of going through the motions.

Musical worship is a very serious, intimate and powerful action as there are numerous biblical examples.  Many people never experience worship in a powerful way because they come unprepared.  At that point it just becomes good music (hopefully).  We have an opportunity all week long to get in the Word of God (Bible), spend quality time in prayer, exercise our opportunities to serve and do what God has called us to do with excellence.  Those are all acts of worship as well.  When you’ve done those things throughout the week and you come to a corporate service expecting God to move in powerful ways, you’re able to worship from your overflow instead of always coming in with an empty cup.


If we don’t have overflow of the Holy Spirit, we can’t really give it away because we’re just getting enough to sustain us.  It sounds a little selfish when you put it like that.  When we’re constantly in flow with the Holy Spirit and submitting our lives to God, it’s so much easier to keep a constant connection to the power source.  It’s kinda like an engine.  If you turn it off, you’ve got to let it warm up again before you can get going.  If it’s already warmed up, you can jump right in.  If we prepared for worship on a regular basis and have faith with expectations that God can move in our lives and the lives of others… it could get a little rowdy!  Are you satisfied with just going through the motions?

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