For those that have been following the updates on my back, here is the latest...

After multiple cancelled neurosurgeon appointments, thousands in medical bills (over $1,000 out of pocket AFTER insurance) and other confirmations, I felt in my gut that I was suppose to continue my pursuit of natural remedies unless surgery becomes absolutely necessary.  Some of my doctors recommended light duty to avoid rupturing the already herniated disc (L5/S1) that was confirmed by an MRI.  This light duty just seemed to elevate the issues because other areas were compensating and growing weak during the process.  So after nearly six months of light duty and increased pain/problems, I've decided to increase my physical training/therapy to a reasonable level of resistance in addition to chiropractic care knowing that I put myself at a greater risk for the disc to rupture.  I believe it's worth the gamble for natural healing.

*SIDE NOTE/TESTIMONY* When I was in a head-on collision with a drunk driver in 2006 (driving 55mph in opposite directions), the doctors hastily wanted to operate on both of my knees.  My knees gave out and locked up often and I had trouble walking for a season.  A really old lady in Wal-Mart had to pick me up off the floor once... humbling experience!  After a few years of intense physical therapy, chiropractic care and some good old fashion motivation, the Lord completely healed my knees.  Even though I'm not as fast as I once was, I was able to start running road races again... and even won a few for my age division!  The Lord also healed my neck, elbows, ankles and a few other issues from the collision but didn't completely heal my back or my vision (which was 20/20 before the incident...  but after extended months/years of sleep issues due to trauma/pain, required corrective lenses).  That lingering back problem is different then the current back problem but are impacting each other so this is a more sensitive/complex situation.

In this last month of increased physical training/therapy, the rest of my body is finally starting to appreciate the physical increase and my overall mobility is increasing during exercise.  I've gone from barely able to walk to swift walking over 3 miles.  I slowly started replacing segments of walking with jogging (about 1/2 mile increase per week) and that has been doing well.  I've also increased in various other workouts which all include stretching and mild weight lifting.  I've been successful in most of these workouts while the adrenaline is pumping... but it's still not much different physically once the adrenaline wears off.  I still struggle sitting and lying down.  If I have to sneeze while sitting down, the pain meter usually shoots to 10 and tears may follow.  I still find myself hunched over in the old man position or curled up in the fetal position fighting off tears on occasion but for the most part, my overall health is increasing so I believe it's worth the effort.

So, it's technically not getting better YET, but it's also not getting worse... which is a good thing.  So I'm planning to continue on this journey and see where it takes me.  I may be moving a little slower in this season but I refuse to be defeated and will keep pressing forward!  I will maintain an attitude of praise because even though this is a thorn in my side, I still have so many blessing to be thankful for.  I believe the Holy Spirit is still in the business of healing as I've personally experienced before.  We may not always understand why He heals some and not others and not always in the timing we prefer but I will continue to contend for full restoration.  I continue to welcome your prayers...


Go with the gut. I've had some health issues in the past, they wanted to do surgery. I said no way, God healed me. The doctor told me I would back, that was over 2 years ago. I spoke it every day and still do. God is my healer! We are praying for you Mike.

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