Sometimes people give me a hard time about being “OCD” in the things that I do but I don’t necessarily find that as an insult in this context.  I understand the comparison to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) but I consider my meticulous actions quite orderly...

Since as far back as I can remember, I’ve always been a bit of a neat freak.  I’m not to the point of “don’t touch anything or I’ll freak out” but with a respectable amount of order.  Just like everyone else, I have my “problem areas” that I can’t seem to catch up on (which drive me crazy) but the primary areas are done as well as possible.  I even make it a point to mow the grass in straight lines when possible…plus it looks much better/professional!

I’m the same way with organization, communication and schedules.  I like to organize pretty much everything that has a potential organization scheme.  I like to communicate as many details as possible in a timely fashion to avoid unnecessary mistakes.  I like to schedule things on my handy calendar to manage and maximize my time wisely.  Efficiency and good stewardship are very important to me with everything I encounter.

Don’t get me wrong… I am all about spontaneous, getting dirty and having a typical hippy mindset of just not caring about anything but those times are enjoyed much more when I’m hitting the target on my other goals.  If my chores are done (neat freak/organization stuff), if I’m on schedule (anything planned), if I’m on budget (also digitally organized and forecasted) and if I’ve completed communication for any lingering “open ended stuff”, I feel free to do whatever the heck I want with no reservations.

“If you live frugal often…you can lavishly spend on occasion without regret”.  That’s my theory on finances.  I also apply that concept to my other responsibilities.  When I’m successful at reaching the reasonable goals I’ve set for myself, I feel free to chase dreams beyond the status quo… or just free to sit in a hammock on a beach while sippin’ on something with a fruit, an umbrella and maybe a straw doing absolutely nothing except getting refreshed!

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