Burn New Bern @ The Oasis

Howdy Friends!  For those that haven't heard, we've officially launched Burn New Bern which is 12 hours of continuous worship & prayer each month.  See details at

BURN NEW BERN July recap...

I am floored by how God amazingly orchestrated the first Burn New Bern on July 25th/26th from 7pm-7am @ The Oasis.  These are the highlights:

-10 different worships leaders/bands for 12 hours of continuous worship & prayer
-Over 16 different churches/ministries represented (just the ones I know of)
-75ish in the room at the same time, over 100+ people attended throughout the night
-Lowest number of people was 14!!!  That's awesome for the night watch.
-Multiple people stayed 8+ hours and a handful stayed all 12
-God wrecked some people
-Some people that intended to stay for a few hours were compelled to stay for much longer than anticipated
-Musicians were stretched to new levels
-Wells were dug deeper
-The Word was pronounced & prayers were sent forth
-Unscheduled intercessors stayed for extended times
-Many people were prayed for and we connected relationally with "the church"
-Bands expanded beyond the originally planned team
-The few spots that I thought were "dry spells", I got feedback stating otherwise.
-Multiple pastors were present and engaged
-The people are hungry... and we plan to lead them to the well that won't run dry!

We're praying for sustainment beyond initial hype and already beginning to build regular staff (shift leaders, worship leaders, artists, intercessors...etc)

On the schedule:
Aug 22/23 - 7pm-7am @ East Coast Church
Sep 26/27 - 7pm-7am @ Breath Of God International Outreach
Oct 24/25 - 7pm-7am @ The Church @ New Bern
Nov 28/29 - 7pm-7am @ TBD (New Bern)
Dec 26/27 - No Burn


Michael Thorsby (Burn Director)

P.S.  If you would like to serve at a Burn (worship leaders, sound techs, interecessors, artists...etc), see for available time slots and email to lock it in.

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